Friday, March 03, 2006

Two more from "Lure of the Tropics"

Andre Kostelanetz' Lure of the Tropics appeared in 1954 on the Columbia Masterworks label; then it reappeared in 1955 as part of the CL (popular) series. In fact, a number of Kosty's CL-series LPs are, in fact, reissues of earlier Masterworks albums, in case you didn't know. As if record collecting wasn't complicated enough already.

(Wait a minute--I already wrote this intro. Hold on....)

Sorry about that. I appear to be repeating myself. Not only that, I'm repeating myself.

So... these are the final two tracks from my four-track Lure of the Tropics EP (released on Masterworks, than you), and they're great, even if I had to do more than the usual de-clicking, etc. At Vintage Lounge, we love the straight-from-vinyl sound, but there's no point (click) in taking it too (pop) far (bam!). Granted, one goes with the other in analog formats (i.e., music and noise), but not if we can help it.

At several points in this first selection, the arrangement seems to be clearing the way for a Spikes-Jones-style interlude, but there's a nary a tin can to be heard:

The Moon of Manakoora (Frank Loesser-Alfred Newman, from the movie The Hurricane, 1937), Andre Kostelanetz, 1954. From Columbia Masterworks EP A-1838.

Andalucia (Ernesto Lecuona), Andre Kostelanetz, 1954. From Columbia Masterworks A-1838.

I love Andre Kostelanetz. My kind of easy listening. I'd take a shot of the EP cover, but my Kodak software slows my Dell down every time I use it, and I'm about to uninstall the dang thing! (This is a warning to the software. I hope it's reading this.) Seriously, I might remove it so I can reinstall it without the five thousand features I don't use. That might speed things up a little. It drives me nuts--all I want to do is take photos and load them into my computer and edit them. I don't want to be part of some worldwide network of Kodak users.

Thanks. I feel so much better after venting.

More easy/loungey sounds to come....



Anonymous David Federman said...


"Moon of Manakora" is obsessively gorgeous. I've got it on perpetual replay. I've always loved this song, but this may be the best version I've ever heard. Keep the life-savers coming.

2:42 PM  
Blogger Lee Hartsfeld said...


Will do! Wish I had the entire "Lure of the Tropics" LP. Like, I've only owned four copies of it, at least. My record collection is a living document, forever subject to editing.

Yes, it's a very effective track, isn't it? The mood is so perfectly set, it's amazing. I find that some mono recordings have a sense of depth stereo couldn't match. Virtual depth, or something.


6:13 PM  
Blogger The Impaler said...

Ahhhh, Andre the K. I have a bunch of his stuff on shellac, he's such a joy to listen to. I have a 6-LP set of early Columbia stereo LPs and I think that Andre the K is one of them, I'll have to do some non-shellac encoding this weekend I reckon :)

And, insofar as record collections breathing, mine just inhales :) and that includes a first-release of Martin Denny's "Exotica" on Liberty Stereo. Yes, kids, the cover is subtly different.

Great work, Lee, hope you get your storage issues fixed, box seems to be working for the moment tho

11:21 AM  

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