Friday, December 02, 2005

Exoti-Boogie: Rosa Linda, Ben Light, and Louise Wilcher

Some keyboard Exotica for your enjoyment, beginning with Louise Wilcher and Harry Campell's 1941 organ-and-Novachord version of Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy). The best kind of futuristic, oom-pah skating-rink music (perfect for futuristic, oom-pah skating rinks):

Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy), Louise Wilcher, Hammond Organ; Harry Campbell, Novachord, 1941. From Columbia 78.

From 1948, the "lightning fingers" of Ben Light (piano), with Herb Kern (organ) and Lloyd Sloop (Novachod). For years, I've seen Ben Light 78s on Tempo, never buying a one. What a mistake. To my ears, the Novachord gives this a '70s, post-electric-piano sort of sound. I had a patch that sounded exactly like it on my Korg Poly-800 synthesizer.

Benny's Boogie, Featuring the Lightning Fingers of Ben Light (at the Steinway), with Herb Kern (at the Hammond) and Lloyd Sloop (at the Novachord)," 1948. From 78 on Tempo 506.

And now for two incredible sides by pianist Rosa Linda, who performed Gershwin's Cuban Overture in 1938 with Paul Whiteman's orchestra and who appeared in the musicals Banquet of Melody (1946), and Carnegie Hall (1947). Rosa also cut Will Success Spoil Rock-maninoff for the Era label in 11957. From, here's an image of that cover:

We're going to hear Tabu and Flight 88, both recorded for Allen Records in 1953. Rosa, by way of tape effects (including sped-up tracks and sound-on-sound) achieves an uncanny imitation of Ferrante and Teicher.

Tabu (Margarita Lecuona, 1941), Rosa Linda at the Piano, 1953. From Allen Records 232 (78 RPM).

Flight 88 (R. Linda), Rosa Linda at the Piano, 1953. From Allen Records 232 (78 RPM).

More early Exotica/lounge sounds to come....



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm listening to this very LP "Will Success Spoil Rock-Maninoff by Roas Linds as I type.
It was my very first LP purchase and it's as clear as the first time it was played. Thanks Sierra Vista, AZ

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