Monday, February 20, 2006

Whittemore and Lowe: "Two Grand" (1946)

When I first heard the material on this 45-RPM set, I couldn't believe it was from 1946. No way. However... way.

Not this edition, mind you (45s didn't appear until 1949, as we all know), but the recordings themselves. Apparently, this set is/was a reissue of the 1946 78-RPM set of the same name, same line-up. If it sounds more like 1960 Ferrante and Teicher than 1946 Whittemore and Lowe, then don't be alarmed--this is, after all, the Vintage Lounge blog. Though even I didn't expect to find the basic F&T sound at such an early date in history--I figured the early 1950s, perhaps, but not just after the close of WWII. But here it is--a duo-piano-with-orchestra sound specific to the pop charts of 1960, only a lot earlier. I think they call this phenomenon "history."

Here, in order of their box-set appearance, are Arthur Whittemore and Jack Lowe's amazing duo-piano-with-orchestra recordings from 1946. Lover makes its second appearance here:

Lover (Hart--Rodgers), Whittermore and Lowe, with the RCA Victor Orchestra, 1946. From "Two Grand."

The Song Is You (Hammerstein II--Kern), with the RCA Victor Orchestra, 1946.

In the Still of the Night (Porter), with RCA Victor Orchestra, 1946.

The Continental (Magidson--Conrad), with the RCA Victor Orchestra, 1946.

Falling in Love with Love (Hart--Rodgers), with the RCA Victor Orchestra, 1946.

Brazil (Russell--Barroso), with RCA Victor Orchestra, 1946.

They Didn't Believe Me (Reynolds--Kern), with RCA Victor Orchestra, 1946.

That Old Black Magic (Mercer--Allen), with RCA Victor Orchestra, 1946.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should be teaching ethnomusicology or the sociology of music at some swanky university.

3:18 PM  
Blogger Lee Hartsfeld said...


That's a thought! I do look the part (without my miner's cap, of course).


3:02 PM  
Blogger savoadaki said...

Man oh man, that's when there was real music to listen to for hours. Forget the university, I taught in one, and there is no time to enjoy life. I'm so enjoying music blogs, it will keep me going til ...

10:06 PM  
Blogger Lee Hartsfeld said...


I'm a bit old to start a university career, anyway! Hope we can keep the music real at VL.


11:30 PM  
Anonymous Rosalyn Schubel said...

I have been looking for this Piano-Duo for many years. My parents owned a boardinghouse in Pgh. Pa. in the mid - to - late 1930's and Arthur Whittemore and Jack Lowe lived there and had their two Grand Pianos in the Parlor for their practicing. I was born at the time they were living with us. I did see them in concert in Florida in the 1980's with my parents. They were truely an amazing combination of talent. So glad to have found this site! I can now collect some of their work. A fervent fan, Rosalyn

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:31 AM  
Anonymous Mozart 4ever said...

Ahhhh! Whittemore and Lowe.
My parents introduce me to classical music in the '50s by playing W&L's "Classics for children" album for me. Thanks to Mr Whittemore and Mr Lowe, I'm not a fan of AC/DC or......

3:38 PM  

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