Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tamboo, Caravan, Hindustan

Or, how exotica can ya get-ica?

I never heard of Tamboo until I came across this recording of it. The parallel ninth chords in the middle section immediately made me think of Les Baxter--who, it turns out, recorded an LP called Tamboo in 1956. You Baxter fans already knew that, but I didn't. My ears made an astute connection, there.

Here, from 1955, is the American Symphonic Band of the Air with a terrific rendition of Francisco Cavez' samba (please click on the label image for MP3 file):

And, from 1952, here is the exoti-standard Caravan, as played by the harmonica duo Martin and Brown (with steel guitar assistance, I'm assuming):

Caravan (Duke Ellington, Juan Tizol, Irving Mills), Martin and Brown, The Harmonica Duo, 1952. From Republic label 45.

From harmonicas to harp (wait a minute....), here's Robert (Ebb Tide) Maxwell with the 1918 Oliver G. Wallace and Harold Weeks hit, Hindustan:

Hindustan (Wallace, Weeks), Robert Maxwell, 1953, from Mercury label LP.

More to come-ica!



Blogger The Dock Savage said...

Wow. Great stuff Lee. I hadn't heard that version of "Caravan" before and I'm happy to now have an mp3 of it.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Lee Hartsfeld said...


Cool! Yeah, it's kind of like The Harmonicats Meet "Sleepwalk." After Google-searching the thing, I realized I'd probably found a lesser-known "Caravan." Figure the odds of that....


8:18 AM  
Anonymous b said...

that's pretty cool... I might still be ever-so-partial to the mills bros./boswell sisters version, but only because i love the mills bros. and boswell sisters and heard their version first...

3:32 AM  

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