Thursday, July 28, 2005

Endless problems with storage may mean closing of blog

The last thing I want to do is shut down Vintage Lounge, but my storage service,, has been nothing but problems from the time I signed onto it. The latest situation has been a 24-long affair (and counting)--six attempts to upload two mp3 files have all ended in failure. advised me to delete all of my Cookies. I did, and to no avail. Now I'm a stranger at my regular Internet stops. Wonderful.

I'm so tired of dealing with these problems that I'm on the verge of calling it quits. However, I don't want to make such a decision in haste--and especially not when I'm upset. Starting over with a new storage service will mean losing all of the mp3 posts to date, and how do I know I won't have the same problems elsewhere? It would be sad to have my blog finished off by storage issues, but a music blog without music isn't a music blog.

I'll give this some time and thought. It's "Time-Out" time. My sincere apologies if anyone is having problems with downloading files. Hopefully, it's only an uploading issue. (I hate the word "issue," but it's become part of the language.)

Lee, hoping he can remain


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