Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Elevator to the Moon

Masterful pop-Impressionism from (and by) Mantovani--this is Monty's own Poem to the Moon, from 1948. The orchestration reminds us of Claude Debussy, whereas the modal minimalism reminds us of Erik Satie. ("Us" meaning me, myself, and I.)

Monty's Poem starts in Mixolydian mode with a suspended cadence, i.e. a minor seventh chord on V, with the tonic sounding on the bottom. Eventually, the harmony descends in steps not consistent with Mixolydian mode, just to throw our ears for a gentle loop. Monty does a great deal with very little, all the while creating a number of mood swings--most notably, the dramatic, minor-mode re-re-restatement of the main theme. Here's your chance to crank up Mantovani, though you'll have to wait for the moment.... (Be sure to yell, "MONTY!!!!! WOOOO!!") Poem to the Moon (Mantovani), Mantovani and His Concert Orch., 1948. (From 12" London 78)

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