Sunday, July 03, 2005

Independence Day with F&T and the Decca Band

From the album Hi-Fireworks , no less, comes our first Fourth of July selection: Susanna's Last Stand, recorded in 1953 by duo-pianists Ferrante and Teicher. Susanna's Last Stand, Ferrante and Teicher, 1953.

From 1949, here's the Decca Orchestra belting out Henry J. Sayers' 1891 classic, Ta-ra-ra-Boom-der-e, which we used to sing as Ta-ra-ra-Boomsee-ay (They Took My Pants Away). This comes from the 10" LP Concert in the Park, on Decca DL 5079. Ta-ra-ra-Boom-der-e, Decca Orchestra, 1949.

And here's Meredith Willson and His Concert Orchestra, performing the heck out of Ferde Grofe's March for Americans. Ripped from a great-sounding 1941 Decca 78 of the 12" variety. A repeat offering, but why not? This is too good to offer only once. March for Americans (Grofe), Meredith Willson and His Concert Orch., 1941.

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