Sunday, May 22, 2005

Welcome to the Vintage Lounge blog!

The Vintage Lounge blog is about early lounge, exotica, and "bachelor pad" recordings that predate the hi-fi era, Ozzie and Harriet, or (in some cases) even the invention of the LP. It's also about the music that became lounge (proto-lounge, if you prefer, some examples of which have been transcribed from symbols on cave walls). I hope to prove, by way of this site, that lounge and all things exotica did not begin during the hi-fi era, in spite of what we're always being told. I will be posting vintage-lounge mp3s every day, or close to same. This is not the place to find Les Baxter, Esquivel, retro-retro pop, conservative Christian kiddie records from the Eisenhower era, or the Simon and Garfunkel songbook as sung by the Ohio School for ADD Children's Chorus. This is, however, the place to encounter Andre Kostelanetz, Morton Gould, Meredith Willson, David Rose, and other folks who were creating easy/loungey sounds in the days before lounges, hi-fi sets, and Elvis Presley.

I hope this blog is interesting and fun (and relatively historical-error-free).

Lee Hartsfeld, who fancies himself a lounge historian.


Blogger DennisHermanson said...

Thanks for all the work (ok, we music lovers think this is more like dancing than conducting the band...or orchestra.)
it is an effort, and the reward is that when you least expect it,
someone, somewhere,
stumbles (in a virtual manner that might be as subtle as an Astaire aside)
onto your site.
Paul Whiteman, indeed. Any person who cares enough to include the greatest of the early popular orchestras... has got to be more than all right, he's (or she's, if she might be) got to be
SO Phisticated.

I salute you, sir, with a uplifted cocktail.



2:43 PM  
Blogger Lee Hartsfeld said...


Thanks much! I just now came across you comment, and I'm not sure when you posted. This intro got buried among the entries....

Well, I've been called far worse things than "SO phisticated." Hope I can continue in that vein.

Thanks again!


10:19 PM  

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