Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Ecstasy," again

One can never get enough ecstasy, I always say. Well, actually, I've never said it. But I just typed it. (Please bear with me--I'm half-asleep!)

Anyway, I'm about to repost the seven Otto Cesana tracks I posted a while back in (let's see) February, and I am currently swiping the HTML code for the cover photo so that I won't have to upload it again. Here we are:

"Honey? Honey?? Wake up!! Oh, my God...."

The 1955 LP pictured above was a reissue of two earlier Otto Cesana efforts, including a 10-inch 1953 LP of the same name. (The old reissue-with-the-same-name trick.) Thus, all of the tracks on Side One are from 1953. And all of the tracks on Side Two are from... dunno. But I'm guessing about 1951. That's the closest I've been able to date them.

Two of the better numbers on this one are unplayable due to a bad needle dig, else they'd be included, too. I can fix just about anything with my software, but I can't make my stylus go through cross-cut canyons. Jumping over them--no problem. Going through them--nope.

These seven gems will more than make up for the two I couldn't include. This is about the best easy listening material ever recorded, in this blog's opinion:

Otto Cesana and His Orchestra, 1953 and 195-? (All composed by Cesana):

Night Train, 1953.
Marionette, 1953.
Reflection, 1953.
Whirlwind, 1953.
Symphony in Jazz, early 1950s?
Ecstasy, early 1950s?
Starlight, early 1950s?



Anonymous Heik said...

Ah! Cesana! Thanks for disseminating this marvelous lode of tunes, Only Tony Aquaviva [Joni James' husband?] can come close to matching Otto's lush instrumentals, IMHO. Gracias.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Perdido said...

Good stuff, Lee. Thanks!

4:49 AM  
Blogger The Impaler said...

Good stuff!!! And here I hoped to stand in the same light with some measly Tony Mottola over on moodietoonz... but, hey, the cover is almost as erotic :)

I played this on the way to work yesterday, was a very nice way to pass an hour and a half stuck in traffic.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Lee Hartsfeld said...

Thanks, everyone. And the funny thing is that I almost didn't buy the LP--I didn't think it would be very interesting. One of those snap, based-on-nothing judgments we make all of the time while collecting ("Hmmm... I don't like that cover. Lettering's kind of tacky."). Luckily, I ignored my intuition--I figured I could risk a buck on the thing. We're talking, what? The price of a pack of bubble gum? And so I ended up with one of the EZ classics of all time. And I don't miss that pack of bubble gum at all.


5:07 PM  
Blogger Pablo said...

Well, after searching for more than 30 mins, I see that for some reason you could not upload the melody "Enchantment" by the Great Otto Cesana, is there a special reason why is not posted?
Congratulations for the fine job you have done undusting all this beautiful music

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a rare find! Some people like me who adore Cesana music! It was love at first hearing back in the 50s. The music was immediately turned into theme music to introduce light music programs in that day and age. Then later, when I was living in New York in the early 60s, WJRZ played "Devotion" very many times to introduce their "Great Albums of Music" motif programming. So that beautiful song was heard very, very many times. It was, to me, the best song anyway. :)

I'll be back with more comments.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, Good People....

A Big Thank you.....

Otto Cesana tought to listen good stuff all the way!!!!

"Life Gets Sweeter Everyday!!"

Peter Hammill - BRAZIL

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Tom Daly (tomdaly8188@gmail.com) said...

If anyone needs a COMPLETE and RESTORED copy of "Ecstasy" (CL 631), I'll be glad to provide a download.

6:00 PM  

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