Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hugo Winterhalter's "Hesitation," fixed!

Many thanks to Stephen for pointing out that the Hugo Winterhalter Hesitation file clocked in at 4:59, which accounted for a lot of silent time. Here's the same file, fixed (I also placed this in the original post):

http://box.net/public/lee/files/523127.html Hesitation (Winterhalter), Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra and Chorus, 1952.

My editing software, MAGIX, allows me to choose the start and stop points for each file. Of course, it allows gives me the chance to goof them up. Sorry about that!

And, while we're on the subject of big-band Winterhalter AND the whole-tone scale (which shows up all over the place in Hesitation), here's Winterhalter's utterly unsubtle and utterly fun arrangement of Beyond the Blue Horizon, from 1951. Again, we have a Conniff-style vocal chorus and much blending of voices with instruments:

http://box.net/public/lee/files/497711.html Beyond the Blue Horizon, Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra and Chorus, 1951.




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